• Green Computing

    PowerMAX Green Computing Solutions

    Zero Clients multi-user networking access device, which effectively allows up to 20 different users to independently and simultaneously share untapped resources of a single host computer whilst still providing them with a full PC experience. Just plug in your existing monitor, mouse and keyboard and you're ready to go.

    PowerMAX Green Computing Solutions with Userful Multiplatform Desktop Virutalization Software, Atrust Zero Clients and SUNDE Zero Clients offer schools, businesses and homes affordable centralized computing with reduces hardware, software and energy costs while increasing productivity.

  • Remote Desktop Service?

    What is Remote Desktop Service?

  • SUNDE Diana Zero Client

    PowerMAX VDI Solution with SUNDE Diana Zero Client delivers the highest simplicity, cost-effectiveness and user experience for VDI deployments with its purpose-built zero clients supported by the provided SUNDE vPoint software and the innovative SUNDE-VDI protocol.

  • Virtual Desktop Interface?

    What is Virtual Desktop Interface?