• Atrust m320 Zero Client

    Atrust m320 is a zero client designed as an endpoint of a shared resource system, such as a MultiPoint Server or Userful Multiplatform system. The solution enables a host server to power multiple and independent stations. Each station only consists of one station hub (zero client) with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor connected, allowing multiple users to share the computing power of one single server. Simply through an Ethernet connection, the server provides each station user with a familiar and independent Windows experience.

  • Centerm C75 Zero Client

    Efficient, Light and Flexible, Centerm C75 zero client offers a high performance, low cost, energy saving alternative to the traditional PC. Supports Userful Multiplatform and Windows Multipoint Server. Centerm C75 zero client can also be used for Digital Signage purposes by applying Userful Network Video Wall solution.

  • Eniscope Energy Monitor

    Professional Real-Time Energy Monitoring System

    Eniscope is a unique energy analyzer, which plugs into your system and relays meaningful energy use data and graphical analysis locally and over the web.

  • PHiStek P215 Series Monitors

    The PHiStek P215 Series (P215EN, P215EP, P215PN & P215PP) monitors with integrated zero clients allows the enduser to enjoy full computing experience with touch screen up to 100 meters away from the host computer and any power source - everything; audio, video, touch and power over ethernet (PoE) integrated with a single network cable.

  • PowerMAX Dynamic PFC Unit

    The PowerMAX Dynamic PFC units automatically adjust to the best correction needed for the load currently in use. This means that the unit will always give you're the best correction on the fly. And if there is nothing to correct, it simply shuts down itself.

  • PowerMAX Static PFC Unit

    The PowerMAX Static PFC unit corrects the power factor of loads that are generally consistent. Companies with very large machineries benefit greatly as this allows us to make corrections only when and where they are needed.