Eniscope Real-Time Energy Monitoring

You can’t manage what you can’t measure... Here is the solution

Up to 43% of global energy consumption is going to waste as a result of inefficient equipment and business practices. Without a reliable and accurate way to measure ongoing consumption organisations have little chance of preventing that waste.

Eniscope is a unique energy analyzer, which plugs into your system and relays meaningful energy use data and graphical analysis locally and over the web.

Now you can see the real-time energy consumption of buildings, departments, circuits and even machines. Eniscope combines world-class metering technology with an advanced energy network controller; putting live readings and real-time graphical logs within reach, 24 hours a day, from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. Log in to Eniscope’s beautifully designed Energy Displays to see all the information you need in a language you understand – whether that’s kW consumption, peak demand, carbon output or money spent – right now, and as an analysis of the last few hours, days or weeks. Instantly, you can spot trends, anomalies and wastage, make informed decisions… and see immediate results from improvements you’ve made. You’re in control.

The Energy Problem

Energy is being used across your organization all the time. Some of the time that energy is being used for no purpose, other times it is being drained by inefficient equipment. In many cases the first indication you’ll have will be upon receiving your bill.

Energy use may be centered around one machine, a process or a particular building. However, your bill only provides limited information, usually no more than a total figure covering a predetermined period of time. You have no idea what part of that total is waste, and what is essential to perform your day-to-day operations.

Energy consultants and renewables companies make bold claims as to how they can reduce your costs and supply you with alternative forms of energy. However, it is difficult to validate their claims and ensure that those options present a healthy return on investment for your organisation.

The Solution

The Eniscope Standard and Hybrid offer the world’s first truly integrated ecosystem for energy monitoring and efficiency, identifying waste and eliminating costs. The best in class energy metering system combines 4 (Standard) 8 (Hybrid) three-phase metering points and 8 pulse inputs. Plus an option to monitor compatible Eniscope Hybrid products and total gas and water consumption. The compact, plug and play system can be easily installed by an electrician, instantly providing real-time data on energy consumption patterns by individual piece of equipment, circuit, building or property portfolio.

Monitor up to 8 Three-Phase OR 24 Single-Phase Independently in Real-Time

For those generating their own power, Eniscope Standard and Hybrid record second-by-second data. Information can be displayed to building occupants, or included on websites, via an attractive range of public displays. Data can be viewed in real-time on any computer, or across a range of portable devices, from anywhere in the world. Historical data can be accessed and analysed, at one-minute resolution via the BEST Analytics system.

Eniscope Standard and Hybrid have been engineered to allow continuous, remote improvements and upgrades via the cloud, making this the world’s most durable and future proof solution to energy monitoring and efficiency.