PowerMAX 10455W HyBRID System 48V

PowerMAX 10.5KW HyBRID System 48V

Sale Price $4,446,300.00

SKU: PME-PV010455H48P


  • Turnkey Off-Grid Photovoltiac Solar solution
    Everything needed to install, setup and commission your system.
  • Flexible Hybrid Inverter
    Connect to any power source to your system - solar panels, wind turbine, generator, batteries and public electricity grid.
  • Optional Addons
    Add System Monitoring, Net Billing Application and/or Generator integration to your system.
  • Financing (Optional)
    PowerMAX can help you to secure financing with interest rates of 9.5% and low monthly payments.
  • Monthly Savings*
    Recommended for up to $50,000.00 per month electricity bills.

*Based on 2016 Rate 10 JPS billing.

Package Details

PowerMAX 10455W HyBRID System

  • 2 × Schneider-Electric XW+6848 6.8kW 48V Hybrid Inverter
  • 41 × Perlight PLM-255P-60 250W Poly Solar Panels
  • 32 × Trojan L16 RE-B 400Ah 6V Deep Cycle Batteries
  • 3 × Schneider-Electric 60A 150V Charge Controller
  • 1 × Midnite Solar MNDC250 Mini DC Disconnect
  • Save up to $50,000.00 monthly on your light bill.*

Need more energy? Call us for packages higher than 10.5KW.

Packages include installation material & labour and a FREE desulfator (battery life extender).

Prices and saving amounts are subject to change without prior notice. Purchased packages may be different from the components listed aboves.
*Based on 2016 Rate 10 JPS billing.

Optional Addons

  • System Monitoring
    Monitor your energy usage from your computer or mobile device.
  • Net Billing Application
    Net Billing will allow you to sell energy back to JPS. We take care of the entire application process to get your system connected to the national power grid. Note: Price includes all required fees. A deposit maybe required by JPS.
  • Generator Integration
    We can add your generator to your HYBRID system as an alternative power source for charging your batteries. This will ensure that your batteries able to charge on those overcast days. If you don’t have a generator, you may purchase one of our compatible units.