PowerMAX 2295W HyBRID System 48V

PowerMAX 2295W HyBRID System 24V

Sale Price $975,200.00

SKU: PME-PV002295H24P


  • Turnkey Off-Grid Photovoltiac Solar solution
    Everything needed to install, setup and commission your system.
  • Flexible Hybrid Inverter
    Connect to any power source to your system - solar panels, wind turbine, generator, batteries and public electricity grid.
  • Optional Addons
    Add System Monitoring, Net Billing Application and/or Generator integration to your system.
  • Financing (Optional)
    PowerMAX can help you to secure financing with interest rates of 9.5% and low monthly payments.
  • Monthly Savings*
    Recommended for $9,000.00 to $12,500.00 per month electricity bills.

*Based on 2016 Rate 10 JPS billing.