PowerMAX VDI Solution with SUNDE Diana Zero Clients

PowerMAX VDI Solution with SUNDE Diana Zero Client delivers the highest simplicity, cost-effectiveness and user experience for VDI deployments with its purpose-built zero clients supported by the provided SUNDE vPoint software and the innovative SUNDE-VDI protocol.

The IT administrator at the server side creates multiple virtual computers (VM) and assigns them to terminal users through the running of vPoint software. By connecting Ethernet, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other optional audio and USB peripherals to a Diana zero client at the terminal, users can remotely run virtual computers that reside on a server.

SUNDE Diana is a VDI based zero client which has no extra software, drivers, operating systems, CPU, power supply or memory but only contains the necessary hardware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display server output. It centralizes all software, processing and management to just what is running on the server, leaving little more than a keyboard and monitor at the user's desk. It is a highly impacted, small and green devices that consumes less than 5 watts energy, generates the lowest heat & carbon footprint, and lasts as long as 7-10 years.

PowerMAX VDI Solution paired with Diana zero client delivers the full capabilities of a native desktop to users. Instead of having a remote connection session, users have their own virtual machine for personalization. It offers an uncompromised PC experience that supports most x86 based applications, rich multimedia including full frame rate HD video, dynamic flash and synchronized audio, and USB peripheral connectivity, fitting for task workers to knowledge workers, while still eliminating the issues or limitations in most multi-user environments.



Reduces computing costs

  • The initial hardware purchase costs are saved by replacing with lower cost zero client.
  • Higher utilization rates with centralized hardware upgrades and software licensing can be achieved.
  • SUNDE zero clients use less electricity, ranging from 0.2-5 watts and produce much less heat. Users can save a great amount of money in electricity costs for power consumption and air conditioning.
  • As SUNDE zero clients last as longer as 7-10 years compared to 4-5 years for a traditional desktop and 5-7 years for a thin client. This can save both on purchase cost and replacement parts but also on warranty fees, user downtime and IT staff productivity.

Enhanced network secutity

  • With no OS or even a processor capable of running software, SUNDE zero clients provide complete secure endpoint that is immune to viruses and malware.
  • There is no local storage device. Data loss stemming from both hardware failures and from the loss or theft of PCs and laptops can be eliminated.
  • Snapshot technology enables the system to be refreshedto a favorable state of an early datein the event of a desktop corruption or mistaken operation.

Improves user efficiency

  • A common shared space can be created on the server for users to store and share files without the need to copy or transfer between desktops.
  • The maintenance free feature of SUNDE zero clients reduces unplanned downtime. Even when turned faulty, a zero client can be replaced, getting the system up and running in just a few seconds.
  • The endpoint’s connection to the virtual computers can be suspended at any location and then immediately resumed from any other endpoint without any interruption of applications or open files – such as when moving from your office to a conference room – users can quickly access resume work at any location.

Increases IT productivity

  • The administrator can use templates to speed the deployment and enforcement of standard desktop configurations and policies. A new workstation can be set up in less than 15 minutes compared to hours or days for a traditional workstation.
  • Allow the administrator at anytime to tailor virtual desktops for use by users or in process control flexible desktop provisioning. Each desktop virtual machine can be customized with specific settings, productivity applications.
  • Helpdesk IT technicians can perform tasks from within the server center, eliminating the need to travel to the user's location trouble-shooting. Problem resolution will be quicker as everything is located within the data centre.
  • Centralized virtual desktops can easily and quickly be monitored, backed up and recovered, and patched or upgraded. One support technician can handle 5 times as many users compared to PC users.

Protects office environment

  • SUNDE zero clients generate much less heat and e-waste when compared to PC desktops.
  • Without any storage and fan, SUNDE zero clients make no noise on running.
  • The zero clients are very small in size and can be mounted on the back of the monitor to save valuable space on the desktop.
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